R$ 370 Milhões

Total Assets Under Management for Residential Real Estate Development

R$ 2.1 Bilhões

Total PSV of our Real Estate Development Funds

Management of Real Estate Development Funds

Focus on residential real estate development in the city of São Paulo. The company invests jointly with local partners, aligning interests as well as mitigating execution and delivery risks.


R$ 180 Milhões

Total Assets Under Management for Properties

R$ 132 Milhões

Total invested in corporate offices in the Rio-São Paulo axis.

Real estate Fund Management for Income

Active and professional management aimed at maximizing value creation, prospecting real estate properties at discounts to replacement costs and appreciation potential.


R$ 400 Milhões

Total Assets Under Management. Fundamental analysis through constant market monitoring, scenario projection, asset visits and optimal portfolio structuring, targeting Alpha generation and maximization of returns.


Allocation of resources in Real Estate Funds, Real Estate Receivables Certificates and liquid assets with the goal of earning income and capital gains.


R$ 560 Milhões

Estruturação e/ou investimento em operações com mais de R$ 560 milhões em volume total emitido.

Real Estate Credit Funds Management

Credit transactions backed by receivables flows and real estate collaterals.