Expertise Areas


Management of real estate funds focused on residential and commercial real estate projects (Greenfield projects) in the city of São Paulo. The company invests jointly with local partners, aligning interests and experience, as well as mitigating execution and delivery risks.

~R$2,0 billion AUM R$5.0 billion

Total PSV of our Real Estate Funds

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Real Estate Debt

Management of real estate funds that invest in CRIs (Real Estate Receivables Certificates) – Credit operations backed by receivables flows and real estate collaterals. Also known as Real Estate Receivables. We participate in the origination, structuring, management and follow-up of these operations in our funds.

~R$3,5 billion AUM

RBR High Grade – RBRR11 RBR Crédito Estruturado – RBRY11

Real Estate Fund Management that directly invests in real estate. Active and professional management with the goal of creating a real estate portfolio mainly composed of Corporate (Corporate Buildings in great locations) and Logistics (Logistic Counters) to maximize profit and value generation.

~R$1,7 billion AUM

RBR Properties – RBRP11 RBR Logística - RBRL11
Fund of Funds Multiestrategy/ Managed Account

Fund Management of Real Estate Funds and Portfolio managed with a multistrategy term. Portfolio and Investment in Real Estate Funds listed on the stock market, through fundamental analysis and monitoring, with the purpose of earning maximum return, combining profitability and capital gain.

~R$1,8 billion AUM

RBR Alpha Multiestratégia – RBRF11 Managed Portfolio
Offshore Investments – USA

Investments focused on Retrofit Projects of Residential Buildings and Apartments in New York and Manhattan and Brooklyn.

~U$757 million AUM

RBR Club 1

~U$164 million AUM