Real Estate: Scenario with pressure on values ​​for lease of offices and warehouses

RBR Asset’s founding partner and CEO,  Ricardo Almendra, was one of the guests at the Eleven Sessions event, promoted by Eleven Financial last week.

During the chat, he brought some of his vision of the national real estate market, especially at this time of economic recovery and the end of mobility restrictions, with people returning to offices and common spaces.

Commenting on his strategies, Almendra is already looking at 2022.

“We have strategic corporate, logistical and office positions. There’s a lot of cheap stuff. We have it and little by little it will increase next year. I think the logistics world is very cheap, with less risk than offices, but I think offices are cheaper. You have something with more discount versus replacement cost compared to what you find in sheds. With a little more risk, too,” he said.

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