Where to invest in the 2nd semester: Brick real estate funds are very cheap, but it is not yet time to completely abandon paper FIIs

Our partner and Multistrategy/FOF manager, Bruno Nardo, spoke to Seu Dinheiro portal about the prospects for the real estate fund market in the second half of 2022.
In Nardo’s assessment, the FOFs (funds of funds) should be the first to recover with the improvement of macroeconomic conditions, due to discounts in relation to the equity share of the fund and the assets in its portfolio.

About RBR Alpha Multiestratégia (RBRF11), Nardo comments “With all the bias I may have, it is a fund that is well positioned between credit and brick and that has a lot of optionality of investments that can unlock value in the short and medium term”, he said. Nard to Your Money.

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